APP downloads and engagement through Display

Downloads and engagement through Display on mobile devices App PromotionChristmas is the best period to generate app downloads and engagement. On Christmas Day , million S and Android devices were activated. The following week more than million more and Android devices were activated. This generated billion app downloads. The statistics speak for themselves. has recorded the most downloaded Christmas to date. Total app downloads increased by % in Christmas compared to Christmas app downloads increased by % compared to a day and a half of the first three weeks of December. However it can be difficult

Global peak in app downloads during Christmas

To find APPs M apps for iOS M apps for Android Tip: Advertise your app to improve your app placed in the ranking. Youtube YouTube is the medium that has most influenced buyers. When asked Ivory Coast Phone Number List which channels had the most influence on the purchase, % of buyers say they trust that channel. % of Christmas shoppers do not have a specific product or brand in mind when they start their Christmas shopping. Therefore, influencing buyers during the period of time they are undecided is important. Furthermore, % of YouTube searches in Spain were carried out on mobile devices. YouTube ad formats for mobile Mobile app ad formats

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App promotion ad formats

Mobile ad formats expand current installations by finding users similar to those your app already has.  in the app.  (Android only).  : To improve by delivering relevant, targeted ads to UAE Phone Number List users who are likely to convert.Reach users who have shown interest in a specific category of app installations. : in the Android app, To optimize your current campaigns. TO : drive app re-engagement among users who have your app installed on their phone.  Search, (Android only). To send users to deep links in an already downloaded app, for example to take them to a specific


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