Best RAM memories for your PC and how to choose

RAM (Random Access Memory) is a type of volatile memory – if we stop applying an electrical your PC and charge it loses all the information, unlike our pens , for example – in which we can access any data in the memory. itself, without passing anywhere first, that is why it is so fast, but also scarce. Any program that we run, including the operating system, will be stored in the RAM memory modules from the hard drive so that its access is much faster. And before telling you more, you should know that in some cases you can expand the PC’s RAM . There are basically four brands that manufacture RAM memory in Spain: Corsair, G.Skill, Crucial and Kingston . Normally, the best value for money is G.Skill, but we warn you that RAM prices change a lot, even from one day to the next, so we recommend reading the entire guide and knowing how to decide for yourself. Even start by knowing the differences between DDR, GDDR, GDDR, GDDRX and HBM memory .

How to choose a RAM memory: Buying guide

How much does RAM cost? The price of RAM memory can vary significantly depending on various factors such as type, capacity and additional features. To give you a quick idea of ​​the prices currently in use: GB DDR : its price usually starts Hong Kong Phone Number List around euros. They are suitable for general computing tasks such as web browsing, word processing, and media playback. DDR GB or more : If you are looking for something more advanc, especially for gaming or video editing tasks, DDR memories with higher capacities could cost between and euros. GB DDR – DDR memories are the latest generation and offer faster speeds. A GB DDR could have a starting price of around euros. GB DDR : These are the highest capacity and speed memories on the market. Their price can easily euros and they are ideal for professional workstations and servers. When with modules of the same technology and frequency, remember to observe the latency times and voltage, since they will be the other factors that determine the effective speed and quality of performance of each module.

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What are the different types of RAM memory?

There are several types to satisfy different needs. Beyond differentiating them by their DDR, DDR and DDR generation (as we will show you below in our selection of the best RAM memories, among the main types we can Bahrain Phone Number List distinguish the following: DRAM (Dynamic RAM) : This is the most commonly type of RAM in personal computers. Each memory cell in a DRAM module is made up of a transistor and a capacitor. Because transistors always leak a little, capacitors discharge slowly, meaning DRAM must be every few milliseconds to retain data. SRAM (Static RAM) : Unlike DRAM, SRAM uses between four and six transistors and does not to be refresh. This makes it faster but also more expensive, making it less common in general computing systems. Speed: How many Mhz of RAM is good? The number of MHz (megahertz) in a RAM indicates the clock speed, which is a factor that affects the overall performance of the system. However, the “good” amount of MHz you depends on several factors, including the intend use of your system.

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