Best thermal pastes of and how to choose the right one

What is the best thermal paste currently? Many times we tend to forget. The importance and how to of thermal pastes in the cooling system. Even though it is a fundamental element to ensure that the equipment has good performance. On this occasion, we have dedicate an exclusive space to talk about the best. Thermal pastes, as well as the different application methods. One of the best thermal pastes on the market . Is quite easy to use, making it suitable for both experts in the field and novices. It should be cleane with absorbent lint-free paper towels. It is not especially expensive due to its quality, being one of the most stable. This is the worst performing thermal compound compare to other types, but it still does its job dissipating heat from the processor or graphics card.

What is the best thermal paste currently and what is it?

To begin, it is important to define what a thermal paste is . In a nutshell, it is a highly heat conductive compound, mainly use when installing the CPU heatsink cooler or also for the graphics card. It is also known as TIM, thermal UAE Phone Number List compound, thermoplastic, thermoplastic, silicon compound, heat sink paste, just to name a few. Many people wonder why it is important to put the paste before the heatsink, why not put it directly? The truth is that, even if the heatsink sits perfectly, there are microscopic spaces that can cause poor heat dissipation. Therefore, they leave the CPU expos to a higher temperature, and in the long term it can be damage. Thermal paste fills these gaps, and being a good conductor of heat, it effectively dissipates it in the cooling system.

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Types of thermal paste

There are three common types of thermal pastes: Ceramic, Silicon and Metal. Liquid metal thermal pastes are the most popular as they conduct heat better than the other two types . The main problem with these is that, due to its nature, it is also Afghanistan Phone Number List electrically conductive . Make sure you apply the correct amount of thermal paste if you use this type of compound. There is also some controversy about its useful life and whether it is corrosive in the devices where it is used: keep in mind that these types of compounds are designed to offer maximum performance in terms of thermal conduction, not to last. If you are looking for a model to install and maintain for years, use a conventional paste. Another popular type of thermal paste is ceramic , they are compared to metal ones due to their function, without being electrical conductors. This is a good thermal paste, especially for people who are still beginners in applying heatsinks, since it does not pose any problem when pouring the product on the board.

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