Do you do strategic marketing or maybe you act stupid?

Let your emotions resonate with this cry in the desert: Most companies, including marketing companies, have the same understanding of marketing as the radiator in my office. Yes, that raw. But if you give me a moment, I will reveal the painful reality behind this statement. The vast majority of businesses view marketing as a vehicle, a mere means to reach their goal, a battered and dusty vehicle that takes them to a dream destination. They do not consider it a valuable work of art or a key instrument. On your journey to success, marketing is just a crumpled and faded map, not a strategic treasure. It is only a means to an end, but never the end in itself.

Gurus and enlightened

Oh, and here comes the height of absurdity. Every once in a while, some adventurous marketer tries to convince me that I should use social media, create engaging content, and offer a course that is as irresistible as honey that Nepal Phone Number List attracts bees. And the funniest thing, these proposals do not come from a genius with millions of fervent followers, but from a poor devil with followers, who if we subtract his mother, his friends and the bots, would probably end up owing followers to the universe. Despite this, I try hard to listen. Despite everything, I always try to give a vote of confidence to each voice that speaks to me. Sometimes, among the hum of the common and repetitive, you can discover a solution to the problems that plague you. However, talking to these “marketing experts,” I feel like a castaway in an ocean of platitudes.

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The what before the how

When I challenge these “experts” to explain to me why I should hire their services. I have yet to find one who can go off script and offer me something beyond the clichés repeated ad nauseum. They never stop to ask what my fears are , what books Cyprus Phone Number List have left their mark on me. Or what I’m really looking for. They are so obsessed with the “how” that they completely forget the “what.” Great minds like Toni Segarra or David Ogilvy understand that the “what” is the key. First, they define what they want to convey and then they ask themselves how to do it. The “what” is the essence of an organization, the heartbeat of its leaders, the spirit of its founders. It is not a concept that can be bought at the corner store and this is why they have worked for large companies that have mastered the art of “what” in marketing.

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