A mandatory work schedule record for all companies

From May  all companies must have control of their workers’ working hours We talk about the new time registration in companies. And, as of May , Spanish companies must have a work time record . The rule referring to this issue, article of the Workers’ Statute Law , the annotation of the hours of part-time employees. Likewise, it control of those who overtime. This registry has recently been  to all types of workers. This change has been a cause of concern for many companies. In a first contact, the Labor Inspection to require the registration of the of all workers.

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Has Royal Decree Law of March , on urgent measures for social protection and the fight against job insecurity during the working day . From this, it is that the Uganda Phone Number List registration of the day is mandatory for all workers. Regardless of your type of contract . Time registration in companies The urgent nature of this decree comes from the intention to prevent overtime from being out that is not paid or with breaks. Also, for controlling the limit of overtime hours per year. To measure the length of the days for the purpose of resting workers. And with the challenge of work.

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The standard seeks to comply with the limits of working

Hours, both in part-time and full-time contracts. In this way, the Labor Inspection and Social Security will Mexico Phone Number List have greater control over working hours and will be able to avoid irregularities. In cases of non-compliance , the guilty company will be with a serious labor violation. In this sense, you can be from euros to , euros, at most. How should registration be carried out? Although the new regulations do not impose a standardized system with which to register workers, it does indicate what it must include: Start and end time of each day. In addition, it includes the obligation that these records remain.

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