The relationship with clients in the Canvas Model

Surely you already know how important it is to maintain good communication with them and share common goals. There is nothing better than cooperating to achieve what you are looking for, so forget about seeing the. Client as an ‘enemy’ or someone to simply ‘take money from’. There is much more to this. As we did with the previous text, today we will rely on the Canvas Model to work on this dynamic. From this system, you will have to delve into a specific module in which to define the relationship with the different customer segments. Next, it will be time to create strategies and value proposals aimed at them, with the idea of ​​attracting and retaining the best quality prospects.

What is the relationship with the client in the Canvas Model?

Faced with the Canvas of the relationship with clients, what you will have to do is structure how you are going to increase your client portfolio . This means attracting potential customers, but also preserving those who are Singapore Phone Number List already regular customers. This link is based through a specific channel, so it is important to have previously worked on the value proposition , customer segments and channels sections . If you need help in this regard, you can retrieve previous texts from me or simply get in touch and we’ll look at it together. One of the keys to managing the customer relationship is knowing in detail the specifications of the previously established segments. If you are able to understand how your customers perceive your value proposition , it will be much easier for you. In addition, this will allow you to be clear about the effect that your product or service is generating in the market.

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Types of relationship with clients

The relationship with clients in the Canvas Model focuses mainly on. Responding to the type of relationship we are going to have. This should be as close as possible to our value proposition and our personality as a brand. Some of the most El Salvador Phone Number List common formats are: Personal. Through direct communication, such as by telephone or face to face. Remotely : In this case, it is an indirect communication, either through e-mail, messaging or ordinary mail. Individualized : We will strive to offer a particular and exclusive service to each of our clients. Collective : Forums, workshops or talks are organized where a voice and response is given to a community made up of a group of clients. Automated : Through the use of software and artificial intelligence, direct customer service is emulated. Through third parties : This may occur when your value proposition reaches a specific.

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