The SEO Hacker Mobile Optimization Checklist

SEO in 2018 is another year. where big changes are happening, as Google aims to roll this has been seen Mobile Optimization by Google as the future. platform in which search would thrive more. This shift into a mobile-first approach. is highly evident, as Google has rolled out updates like Google Speed to optimize mobile rankings, the increased focus on voice search and video content, and the integration of. With these set of changes, it is best to ensure that your website is highly optimized for Mobile SEO. With these changes in mind, here is our mobile optimization checklist that would create a mobile-friendly website.

AMP in multiple websites

One of the first major steps that you must take in order to create a mobile-friendly website is to integrate AMP.  Google has been gently integrating Malaysia Phone Number Data AMP into their services, such as emails and advertisements, featured snippets, and much more. Applying AMP on your website may seem like a complicated process for some. Thankfully, plugins like the one available on WordPress help make the process much smoother and helps you create a website that is mobile-friendly and responsive. With AMP becoming an integral element in all websites in the future, it is better to come prepared.

Fast Loading Speed

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Page loading speed is one of the most important ranking factors in SEO, as it can be the difference between a user staying or leaving your Azerbaijan Phone Number List website. For the best results, the optimal loading speed of a website is around 3-5 seconds, which is already zippy for most users. There are various tools and plugins that help improve and assess your website loading speed.  Do not restrict content One of the biggest mistakes that some websites do when it comes to viewing content on mobile browsers is that they will restrict users into viewing content such as blogs and request them to access the full version on desktop. This is a restrictive practice that will only bring about negative reception and dissatisfied users.


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